The Mini GT Datsun Pro Street Purple is a true scale model car that is about 2.5 inches long and made of die-cast metal. It is a perfect representation of the iconic Japanese sports car. A rare opportunity to own this classic, this kit will make the perfect gift for a mini enthusiast. It is a great gift for any occasion, whether you love sports cars or vintage vehicles. The Mini GT Datsun Pro Street has everything you need for a great time.

Mini GT Datsun Pro Street Purple Features

  • Diecast chassis
  • Opening bonnet
  • Engine detail
  • Alloy wheels
  • Designed by Jun Mai

Mini GT Datsun Pro Street Purple Gallery

This item is worth to collect?

Should you collect Mini GT? A miniature car is a great way to showcase your collection. This 1:64 scale model was designed by Jun Imai, who was a popular figure in the Japanese minicar industry. He worked with the Kaido House company to make sure every detail fit perfectly and the fenders had no gap, giving his cars a dramatic stance. You’ll also find a roll cage and a pro street style spoiler, allowing you to display your new toy with pride.

The Mini GT is a unique collectible because the design was created by Jun Imai, the creator of the original Datsun. He has a love of cars, so he decided to create this one-off custom. The first edition of the Mini GT Datsun Pro Street Purple model sold out fast, so the first run will be in limited numbers. However, you can expect to pay more for this rare car.

You can choose between the diecast version and the real thing to see the car up close. A diecast car will not have full interior details or an acrylic case, but it will have more details than a real car. A diecast model will also be much less expensive, so it’s worth the investment if you want to make the most of your investment. You won’t be disappointed.

Mini GT Datsun Pro Street Purple Video