For you who are interested in hot wheel cars, finding hot wheels cars at Walmart will be the best option to find many kinds of hot wheel cars. Hot Wheels has designed many different kinds of cars. It doesn’t guarantee that you are going to find you cars easily. Most toy stores don’t have complete collection of hot wheels cars. Even, they don’t update the products. It will make you cannot find hot wheels cars that you want.  Walmart is one of the biggest department stores that offer great opportunity to find many different hot wheels cars. Walmart offers more hot wheels cars than any other stores. Regularly, Walmart also updates hot wheel products to ensure that the customer will not miss any newest models. Walmart also offers you many special prize and discount for each product. So you can save your money while buying the hot wheels cars at Walmart. We are going to discuss some hot wheels cars at Walmart

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Sporty Car

You can find many kinds of hot wheels sporty cars at Walmart. There are many brands of car that you can find such as Ford, Subaru, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes, and other brands. Hot wheels design the cars as closely as possible with the original cars in term of body kit and colors. Similar with original sporty cars that are very fast, hot wheels sporty car also designed can accelerate very fast. Commonly, this kind of cars is sold in single pack. However, you can find a gift pack that consists of 5-20 cars.


Beside conventional car model, you can find many kinds of hot wheels truck at walmart. Commonly it will have same size whit the other cars, so you can play the truck on the track. Similar with other cars, Truck also is also designed as closely as possible with the real truck. Commonly, it will be higher than other cars due to the big wheels that are used, or you can hot wheels semi truck car model


Hot Wheels Semi Truck Car Carrier

Special Edition

At Walmart, you can also find hot wheels cars special edition in comic pack such as Marvel or DC. It means that the design will be influenced by some super heroes from comic world such as batman and superman, spiderman, and iron man. Beside from comic, hot wheels also designed the cars based on some popular movies that involve cars in the movie such as fast and furious and Cars. The cars will be designed as close as possible with the cars that are used in the movie. 


Those are some hot wheels cars that you can find at Walmart. You can explore more hot wheels cars at Walmart. Don’t forget to visit the store, both in online and offline store. You can get further information about many hot wheels products there. Hopefully, this information will help you to find hot wheels cars at Walmart.

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