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Previously already see Hot Wheels 2017 Factory Seal unboxing, now we will see Full set of contents of Hot Wheels Box 4 of 6 Factory Seal 2017. Some examples of the contents of Hot Wheels Box 3 of 6 Factory Seal 2017 are Mazda Repu, 69 Dodge charger 500, Batmobile, Blast Lane, Moris mini  and more, and many others.


49 New Models + 15 Treasure Hunt + 15 Super Treasure hunt + 50 Exclusive Recolors + 6 Hot Wheels Collector Edison 2017, cool huh?, and like Hot Wheels Collectors said : want to get the entire 2017 Mainline set, plus the promotional mail-in item all at once? you should have 2017 Hot wheels mainline Factory Sealed set that have total 456 car


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Cool Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play Set, FFP :


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