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List of Hot Wheels Circuit Legend

  • Hot Wheels Circuit Legends PORSCHE 962 – ADVAN PERFORMA
  • Hot Wheels Circuit Legends MAZDA 787B White (OPEN HOOD)
  • Hot Wheels Circuit Legends ’16 FORD GT RACE Red
  • Hot Wheels Circuit Legends SHELBY COBRA DAYTONA COUPE Blue
  • Hot Wheels Circuit Legends ’69 COPO CORVETTE Yellow

The most unique Hot Wheels car in this line is the 2001 First Editions. This car has a base date of 2000, which is the year of its first release. The cars that were introduced before that year were called “Rear-Loader Beach Bombs.” This car had a low-volume production and was too top-heavy to handle high-speed turns. The early version was also too narrow to roll in the hot wheel tracks.

The cars in this line are named after real automobiles, and have a unique base code. The code is based on the year of production, which starts with a letter followed by two digits. The letter “L” stands for 2018, and the two numbers after the letter represent the week the car was manufactured. The two digits in the base code refer to the week of the year when the car was produced.

There are several variations of the Hot Wheels cars, which include the 1970 Pontiac GTO, a 1969 Pontiac GTO, and a Dodge Viper. The first generation of Hot Wheels was called the Circuit Legend. However, the name has since changed to reflect the new racing series. These cars were marketed in the United States as “Racers”, and they came to symbolize the cars’ power and speed.

The first Hot Wheels vehicle was the 1968 Chevrolet C-10. In addition, the first HotWheels production run was sixteen cars. The company had a production run of 10,000 worldwide. In the same year, the second generation of cars were introduced, and the company began selling them to other countries. Despite their early production runs, the company was able to produce up to 12 new cars per year. In 2015, the number of these cars has increased to twelve to sixteen.

The Hot Wheels ‘Crash Panel’ line included cars with a front and rear panel that rotated. Unlike the original ‘Crash Panel’ series, the Thermal Color Change paint in these cars changed color based on the temperature of the water. The car was released in sets of three, and was originally known as the Cheetah. This line was discontinued and replaced by the “Turbo” line.

Hot Wheels Circuit Legend detail

The second-generation Hot Wheels cars are even more popular than the originals. The Beach Bomb was introduced in 1974 and was a direct competitor to Matchbox until Mattel purchased the company in 1997. The Red Baron is the most expensive of all, with its black interior being relatively inexpensive. Despite its low price, this model is more collectible than its real counterparts. They have a history dating back to the 1980s and were first released in 1977.

The Ultra Hot Wheels series was introduced in 1984 and has the same aesthetics as its predecessors. The company released its first rail-type dragster in 1972, and has continued to produce these cars throughout the decades. In addition, the brand also sponsors professional drag racers and produces new cars. Some of the most famous of these include the Rodzilla, BoneShaker, and Twin Mill III. The recolored versions of the vehicles are often more popular than the original versions.

Hot Wheels Circuit Legend How to Find

The “Super” version of the Circuit Legend is much harder to find, with more expensive, limited edition cars. Its slang name, “beach bum,” was inspired by the VW type 2 bus. The super version is more common among US basic mixes. Its sand-colored body is associated with the surf community. Moreover, the car’s shape is similar to the normal-sized VW, making it popular in the world.