For collectors who want to add more diversity to their collection, look no further than the latest 2-car set from Hot Wheels. The Hot Wheels Team Transport collection features a transporter and a car that feature identical racing liveries. Regardless of what vehicle you prefer, the Team Transportation two-pack has what you’re looking for. This collection also contains some of the most popular casts in the history of the brand.

The TeamTransport line is a premium two-car set that features a premium car and a transporter. They’re all about cars on the go. The cars come in a range of different colors and styles to make them even more appealing to collectors. The TeamTransport series also includes several vehicles that are designed for racing. For example, there’s the Ferrari 488 GTB/4, which is designed for drag racing.

The Team Transport cars, which come in a five-car set, are sold separately. The differences between the five-car sets and the Team Transport cars are the barcodes and prices. In some cases, the cars are more expensive than the basic car, and they’re made in significantly less numbers. This allows collectors to build more complex sets. There are a lot of different sets available, so it’s easy to find the one that’s right for you

Hot Wheels Team Transport Series 13 Spec

The two-pack version of the Hot Wheels Team Transport two-pack is a must-have for any adult collector. This premium 2-car set comes with a premium car and a transporter. Since the cars are all about transportation, the two-pack set is a must-have for all Hot Wheels fans. These toys are extremely realistic and feature plenty of wheels. The car in the two-pack is a great addition to any collector’s collection.

Hot Wheels Porsche 356A Outlaw

The iconic street has been the inspiration for the latest line of Hot Wheels models. These highly detailed models are made in 1:64 scale, with full metal body construction. They have authentic Real Rider tires and premium graphics. The new Boulevard range features five highly detailed iconic vehicles in numbered packaging and exclusive deco. You’ll love the look and feel of these incredible models, and they’ll make a great gift for any hot wheel enthusiast.

This Porsche 356A Outlaw made its debut in the HW Showroom series, which featured ten vehicles. It is slightly modified and bears similarities to the Urban Outlaw. While it has some Urban Outlaw connections, the Porsche 356A is still recognisable as a classic hot rod. Even though this is an older car, its iconic rear engine configuration and Beetle curves make it an ideal fit for a younger collector.

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The original Porsche 356A Outlaw was introduced in 1956, making it the second most iconic model of the three-door sports car. While the Hot Wheels version is slightly modified, it retains the distinctive three-56A design. The original Porsche had a front-mounted engine and a rear-mounted fuel filler. This version has rear-engined configuration and the iconic Porsche logo on the hood.

Hot Wheels Porsche 356A Outlaw Gallery

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup

If you’re a kid who loves trucks, you might be looking for a new toy truck to add to your collection. The Volkswagen Transporter is the ideal choice. The 1:64 scale vehicles are fun and functional and will surely impress the young ones. They are available in several types, with the premium assortments being the most popular. Among them are the classic and premium types. If you want to own the best-selling models, choose the Premium Assortments.

The Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup is the smallest of the three transporters. While some collectors were disappointed with the flatbed design of the VW T1 Pickup, this version is an entirely different casting. The rear tray is hinged and the vehicle has a six-hole front intake vent. This Hot Wheels toy truck is the perfect way to display your collection. Its distinctive look will surely astonish your kids.

The T1 pickup comes with a turbomac HD wheel. This toy truck comes with a set of Real Riders fifteen52 Turbomac wheels. The vehicle is part of the Car Culture / Team Transport series. The model comes with a full-size driver, an interior and a cargo space. The T1 is also equipped with Real Riders’ fifteen52 Turbomac HD wheels. It’s the perfect toy for fans of the series.

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup Gallery

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Hot Wheels Team Transport Series 13 Video