Hot Wheels Hunting

First of all I just fad to make a video about hot wheels hunting, but after 8 or 9 3 or 4 video I make about it I love it more. What is interesting when making hot wheels hunting video is; Made in reflex, we cannot setting words, back sound, lighting, also the situation … just.. Turn on the camera, setting for video and ACTION !! … After that “That happens then it happens!”… hehehe.

In this section will be a lot of videos about hot wheels hunting, and the number of videos will continue to grow. For hot wheels hunting location itself is very diverse, usually can be in bookstores, supermarkets, traditional bazaar and can also in big events such as in Indonesia toys event.

Hot Wheels Hunting Haul

Hot Wheels Hunting Video

Hot Wheels Review and Detail

In this section will be many video reviews about hot wheels, the hot wheels collectors can see more detail in this section, so that later can have a reference before buying the desired item

Hot Wheels Time Ataxi

Hot Wheels Review and Detail Video

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt

I personally love to collect hot wheels because there are Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt, for me collecting and chasing Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series is a challenge in itself, when Hot Wheels Hunting you must be observant on the logo of Treasure Hunt sometimes hiding. As we know Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt has so many series each year, then I deliberately separate in this section. In the future I will continue to add my Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt collection, so I can make the video and can be shared to all

Hot Wheels hunting haul

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Video

Hot Wheels Complete Set

Outside Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt and Hot Wheels Error, there are also Hot Wheels Complete Set, usually Hot Wheels issued Hot Wheels Complete Set series because there are certain events, for example Hot Wheels Complete Set Fast and Furious, Hot Wheels Complete Set Batman, Hot Wheels Complete Set For Performance, and most recently in 2017 there is the Hot Wheels Complete Set Guardian of Galaxy vol 2.

Hot Wheels Ford Performance set

Hot Wheels Complete Set Video

Hot Wheels Error

Hot Wheels Error is actually there are many kinds, and this can be a debate out there what the definition errors. I personally think all Hot Wheels are not common then I input into the error category, as simple like that. If I think Hot Wheels Error there are many kinds, such as; Hot Wheels wrong facing or upside down, paint or mark there is less, card and hot wheels are not the same and can also because there are less parts. So for Hot Wheels Error Lover, you can see Hot Wheels Error Video here.

Hot Wheels Error

Hot Wheels Error Video

Indonesian Toys Event

In this section contains a video about the Indonesian Toys Event, toys event is one of the few places I do Hot Wheels Hunting. One example is: Indonesia Diecast Expo, at this event gathered collectors diecast seindonesia, you can find exhibits diecast, sell and buy diecast, or just window shopping, everything is in this event.

The next event is no less interesting is the Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2017, this event is routinely held every year, at this event not only in allotment for lovers of Hot Wheels or diecast, other toy lovers also gathered so one here.

Indonesian Toys Event

Indonesia Toys Event Video