If you think that there is no such thing as a Hot Wheels carrying case that can also act as a race track, then you are wrong. In fact, we got one thing that proves you wrong in every department. While it is almost impossible for one to have a carrying case that can turn into a track as complex as other dedicated tracks (let us say the Alligator Car Wash, which is a track that is very complex), it is not impossible for a company to fit a race track in a storage case.

The case that we are going to talk about today is the Hot Wheels Battle Case. This is the case that we mentioned as being able to do two jobs at the same time. First by being a storage case and second by being a race track at the same time. Without further ado, let us jump into the general information about that specific track, yes?

Hot wheels race team 50th anniversary
Hot wheels race team 50th anniversary

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Let us start with its shape

The shape of this Hot Wheels carrying case is not very unique at all. In fact, it got the drabbest of shapes. Do you know that suitcase look that all suitcases got? This case basically looks like that. It is rectangular with some curves at places where a suitcase is normally flat and it got a handle that is just like a suitcase handle.

The colours next

While the shape is not inspiring at all, at the very least the colours are. Came in the usual black, orange, and blue combination. The handle is all black, with the body a combination of orange and blue. Not that surprising because the three colours are colours that are considered ‘safe’ for race tracks. No one would dare to critic the colour choice, but no one would single it out for praise either.

What about its storing capability?

Pretty ordinary, with 20 empty compartments for 20 different cars. This is where this Hot Wheels carrying case shines. Twenty cars is not a small number for a carrying case.

Where is the track?

The orange part of the body is what makes this also a Hot Wheels race track. The orange part will fold down into a downhill track with four lanes on it, making it possible to make a four-car contest. Just fold it down and set the car free from their compartments.

Is it worth the price?

The thing is priced at US$60, a price that is definitely not cheap. As a Hot Wheels carrying case alone, the price is exorbitant, but the addition of a race track (albeit a simple one) makes this a good purchase if you got the money to spare