Collecting Hot Wheels BMW Set – An Ultimate Guide for Beginner

Hot wheels BMW are not the monopoly of little boys, but men also love the toys. If you adore those tiny car toys and interested in collecting them, here is the ultimate guide of hot wheels BMW set for beginners.

Treasure Hunt

There is a big era of Hot Wheels called as Treasure Hunt years that started back in 1995. This is an important chapter that you should focus on if you want to start collecting Hot Wheels BMW Set. Treasure Hunts are usually quite easy to find. Most of the time, they have a flame place in a circle logo on a spoiler or the door. However, the logo sometimes is displayed on the blister box.

hot-wheels bwm series

Super Treasure Hunts

They are more interesting and a bit difficult to find. This is because the hot wheels are commonly produced in a smaller number. So, just manage to buy the toys once you find them somewhere.

First Edition

First edition is always special. New models are produced every year and it is always fun to have the first version of the series. The price of the hot wheels will keep increasing especially years after their debut. To know when the toys are produced, you can look at the bottom of the car.

hot-wheels bwm series


It is always amazing to have something that is specially customized for you and some Hot Wheels BMW Set collectors really enjoy it. They usually customize their toy models by changing wheels, applying the new decal, repainting, or modifying the body of the hot wheels. Just use your imagination and creativity to create your own customized hot wheels.

Where to Buy

You can find hot wheel products on the local market, big department stores, flea market, or local toy store. For the easier way, you can search on websites or purchasing on eBay to get great offers.

Hot Wheels BMW Set Video

Please check this below video about Hot Wheels BMW Set, my favorite is the green one, BMW 2002 with green color and simply design, what about you guys, what Hot Wheels BMW Set series did you like most?

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