Chevy Camaro is a good muscle car with lots of fans all over the world, so it is no wonder how Hot Wheels Camaro is very popular amongst the collector crowd.  The latest edition of the miniaturized Camaro was announced several moments ago, and you can be sure that a lot of folks have been dying to get their hands on that very specific item.

Chevrolet themselves has also created a special edition of Chevrolet Camaro (all for Hot Wheels 50th anniversary) called the Camaro Hot Wheels Edition, which is a faithful rendition of the latest Camaro model released by Hot Wheels. This car is basically a real-life version of the Hot Wheels edition, all identical from top to bottom except for the Hot Wheels logo, which the real-life version lacks.

Camaro 50th Anniversary Special Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Unboxing – Camaro 50th Anniversary Special Hot Wheels

But that specific edition of Camaro is not the only car that Hot Wheels have recreated, no. In fact, there is a long history behind Hot Wheels’ affinity for Chevy Camaro, a history that certainly has made Hot Wheels recreate almost ALL of the Camaro models that Chevrolet has ever produced. Today’s article will talk about several of them (because it would be a waste of time to talk about all the models that Hot Wheels have recreated), all declared to be the most popular of the Hot Wheels Camaro. Below are the models in question:

The ’67 Camaro

Of course this will be on this list. The very first Camaro that Hot Wheels recreated should be on this list because of how popular it and the real-life counterpart are. Released in 1983, this model is the second most popular model in the world (with the Volkswagen Drag Bus sitting at the peak), and its popularity is there because of good reasons only: it is cool. The orange colour (it came in many colours, but the first colour will always be the most popular) combined with the flames on each side will surely entice many people to purchase it for its cool factor.

Hot Wheels Unboxing – Camaro 50th Anniversary Special Hot Wheels

2013 Camaro Special Edition

With the car being a special edition, there is no wonder how it got to be so popular in the first place. Still has not beaten the Volkswagen and the ’67 Camaro, but it got a niche of its own. First released in 2012 in striking blue.

The ’18 Camaro, of course

This is a model that should be on this list because it even got a real-life counterpart, something that is rarely seen in the world of car casts. This model comes in a striking orange with two simple stripes across the hood, the roof, and the trunk. A simple Hot Wheels Camaro model, but is certainly one that is nice to look at.