Hi all, welcome back again to AToyZ.Video and now we already have Hot Wheels lot Lot G 2019 here woohoo… this Video is from Muazli Marzuki Channel and yes you can see a lots of new car here on Hot Wheels lot Lot F 2019.

On this Lot G 2019 we got ’96 Porsche Carrera, Nissan Skyline GTR (BNRR32), Batmobile (combine with mystery machine), Volkswagen Golf Momo version yellow color, Ford ocus rs green color, Mazda repu, Honda cr-x black color, and many more.

and what special for me is Spider-Mobile, first time i see spider mobile is on retro entertainment series, now we have this Spider mobile here on regular version in this Hot Wheels Lot G 2019.

Hot Wheels Regular Spider-Mobile
Hot Wheels Regular Spider-Mobile
hot wheels retro entertainment marvel atoyz
Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Marvel

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