The Indonesia Diecast Expo 2019 or IDE 2019 has been held on 26th and 27th October 2019. It was the sixth Indonesia Diecast Expo held in ICE BSD City, Tangerang. This exhibition became a great opportunity for all diecast lovers to gather and get the latest information about the diecast industry and its development and also to compete with each other. And again AToyZ go to this event to see the crowd in there

About Indonesia Diecast Expo

Indonesia Diecast Expo was held for the first time in 2014. Since 2014, this exhibition becomes the largest diecast exhibition in Southeast Asia. The main purpose of the Indonesia diecast exhibition is to introduce and share the latest information such as the development of the diecast industry, new diecast brands, and diecast innovations. Moreover, it also asks people to love and take care of their toys and also not underestimate them.

Interesting Things in Indonesia Diecast Expo

Indonesia Diecast Expo serves different things each year. It covers several annual programs. Those programs keep this toy exhibition interesting to visit every year. The list below is the most interesting thing you can enjoy while visiting Indonesia Diecast Expo including Indonesia Diecast Expo 2019. 

Swap Meet

This is a program designed for all diecast lovers whether collectors, communities, customizers, and also sellers. In this program, you can bring your diecast collection, buy some new versions or brands, collectible items barter. It is a great opportunity to create a new channel and find out new interesting things in the diecast world.

Collectors and Communities Show-Off

Collectors and communities are welcome to visit this exhibition. Not only come and see this cool collectible item but also participate in the show-off program. In this program, you can bring your best or most favorite diecasts and introduce them to the visitors of the exhibition. You will be amazed because there are a lot of unique and amazing collections you might not know before. Seeing the collection will make you love more with this car miniature.

Customizers Show-Off

IDE 2019 was also an opportunity for customizers to show their creativity and works to the other diecast lovers. The program started in 2018 and it is the second year for the customizers to show their best custom diecasts. Indeed, the works are incredible and it makes the collectible item industry develops significantly. The customizers often create something fresher in this industry.

Indonesia Diecast Expo 2019 Boneshaker custom
Custom Boneshaker Collection

Auction and Charity

The exhibition is not only for fun but also to earn money to help others. It is one of the most interesting programs in the Indonesia Diecast Expo because collectors have a chance to get new or even rare car miniatures on the auction program. Then, visitors can also spend their money on a charity program.

Real Vehicle

You might only see the car in a diecast version. Just imagine if you see the real version of that miniature. This is also an interesting program because you can compare the diecast version and the real version and see how cool those cars are.  

New Programs in IDE 2019

Besides serving the annual programs above, Indonesia Diecast Exhibition 2019 also offers some new programs. Just like the tagline, this exhibition is for all ages whether children, adults, or even elder people as long as they love toys, collectible items, and diecasts. You can bring your favorite including your children comfortably because there is a playground where they can play around.

This expo also has several prestigious competitions. Let say, there is a diecast custom competition for customizers. Collectors can bring their fastest diecast and join the race competition. Nowadays, there is also a Vlog competition where vloggers can create a creative, eye-catching, and interesting video about Indonesia Diecast Expo. Visitors can also create photos and send them to the photo competition. Another interesting program is Miss IDE.

This program is to give appreciation to the ushers or SPGS. Miss IDE is not only to find a beautiful representation but also a representation who has a good personality and knowledge about diecast. The purpose of the programs is to spread and promote car miniature and collectible items, especially diecast to the people in Indonesia and the world.

Special Guest at Indonesian Diecast Expo

The special part was when diecast lovers can meet Brendon Vetuskey. Brendon Vetuskey is the designer of Hot Wheels. There was a workshop with Vetuskey where visitors can ask anything about the way he designs a variety of cool car miniatures for Hot Wheels. Vetuskey has been work for Hot Wheels since 2007 in Track and Play Sets. He is also a designer of Monster Truck and Red Line Club diecasts.

The lucky visitors joined a special dinner with Brendon Vetuskey and get a souvenir. The souvenir was ’55 Bel Air Gasser CODE 3. This diecast is a limited edition in which it is only 100 pieces in the world.

Brendon Vetuskey was not the only special guest in this exhibition but also Christian Coujin and Jun Imai. Jun Imai is the designer of Datsun Bluebird 510 from Hot Wheels whereas Christian Coujin is the owner of the Porsche RWB Museum. Besides being a special guest, Coujin also brought his original car which taken from one of his Hot Wheels diecast designs. Even, there was also Sandiaga Uno. He is one of the most popular politicians and entrepreneurs. He gave his appreciation to the expo as well as the activities and the industry.

There were some small events held in several cities in Indonesia such as Malang, Surabaya, Makassar, and Bali Before the main event. The small event was also held in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. You have to buy a ticket to enter the event. The ticket cost for Indonesia Diecast Expo 2019 was fifty thousand rupiahs.

How to Get Information about Indonesia Diecast Expo

Although the event has finished, diecast lovers can still find the latest information about diecast and the exhibition. You can visit its official website, For more interactive information, you can follow its social media accounts. And for Instagram users, you can follow @IndonesiaDiecastExpo. And also for Facebook users, you can follow Indonesia Diecast Expo. So, if you miss the Indonesia Diecast Expo 2019 and curious about the next exhibition, just check the accounts and website and wait for the schedule. 

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