Indonesia Diecast Expo

Indonesia Diecast Expo this year will be held in Balai Kartini from October 28th to the following day. If the public reception last year is any indication, the 2017 exhibition will be a much bigger event. Reports say that the exhibition will be more massive; with thousands of diecast collections on display, more than one hundred diecast vendors, and approximately 60 diecast communities from all parts of the nation will be expected to take part in the festivity.

indonesia diecast expo

indonesia diecast expo

Visitors will get to see so many rare diecast collections of different brands and sizes. However, it’s worth noting that, while this news will excite many enthusiasts and collectors, the average people may be clueless as to what diecast is.

The term diecast, by its definition, refers to a collectible model or a toy produced using either zinc alloy or molten lead using the diecast method. Unlike toys made of plastic and rubber materials, the diecast items are made of a combination of an alloy of zinc with small parts of copper and aluminum. First produced in the 20th century, the method is since done using a tooling system in which the molten metal is put into a mould under an extremely high pressure.

This complexity along with the intricate details of each of the produced diecast items undoubtedly add to its value. This is the primary reason why collectible items or diecast toys are much more expensive than its plastics counterpart.

Some diecast items are made specifically as collectible items, whereas other are simply made as toys. It may come in a model kits that you get to assemble later on, or the fixed item that is ready to use. The market is also incredibly diverse in that the items made are not only restricted to particular categories such as passenger cars. As you will be able to witness on your own during this year’s Indonesia Diecast Expo, there is a massive array of options to choose from. Whether it be NASCAR or construction vehicles.

Many of us have already had a long list of collectibles we are going to buy. While this seemingly easy task is a non-issue for collectors, those who are only starting may be overwhelmed. See the following tips to ease your transition and also here special video from Indonesia Diecast expo 2016

Monitor industry news and prices

If you are going to build up your collections and start making purchases, the freely available diecast collectibles publication and price guides is your friend. By keeping yourself updated, you will be able to learn and track how each of your collectibles are appreciated in the industry. This way you will be able to identify the trend and read opportunities.

Always start with diecast collectibles of 1/64 scale

There are large selections of diecast cars; from as small as 1:87 scale and 1:148 scale, to as large as 1:12 scale and 1:18 scale. The best option for you to have at the early stage of building your collections is the 1:64 scale along with other miniature models. Not only easy to find, they are also easy to trade and sell. While we are at it, it’s worth noting that the Indonesia Diecast Exhibition this year will also feature a 1:1 scale diecast car – impressive, isn’t it?

Learn all about Condition Grades

Majority of collectors begin their hobby by collecting items which are widely manufactured at the time, but only serious collectors will finally make the decision to also collect vintage diecast cars. If you are considering to get some of those gorgeous vintage collectibles, you must keep an eye on the general price guideline and properly adjust their maximum bid based on the vintage item’s actual condition. Now who else is excited about Indonesia Diecast Expo?



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