Hot Wheels Time Attaxi is one of the Hot Wheels series that was manufactured in 2016. The designer is Jun Imai and the debut series name is 2016 HW City Works. You may find this in number of DHP23. Again, if you are a car miniature enthusiast then having all the Hot Wheels series may be an essential task to do. Since several types are not widely available in the market then sometimes you need to buy it online or from flea market. This type is pretty unique though. It makes having this series is essential.

Hot Wheels Time Attaxi Product description

The original model of Time Attaxi series is designed by the only one Jun Imai. The basic model of this car is from Toyota Crown Comfort. The interesting fact, the car is used for taxi in several counties like Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Of course several parts from the cars have been modified such as the external oil cooler that is mounted on the front and the side of driver seat. Besides, there are also a few modifications on the normal mirror that is located on the passenger side at the front part and the racing mirror with bullet style.

But this car is a bit different compared to real car of Crown Comfort. This car drive is on the left hand while the real car drive is only on the right side. Besides, it is also equipped with the huge engine that sticks out of the car’s hood. The tailfin of the car seems like a spoiler though. There are several interesting features such as the right back door. It is a bit opened because it counts as the interior look and not the body part of the car.

This car is also featured in the Need for Speed: No Limits for the special event that was held from early until the mid of March.

Hot Wheels Time Attaxi

Hot Wheels Time Attaxi Product versions

The car comes in three types. The first HW City Works was in red and there was white circle and Chinese characters in it on the door side. The interior color is red with grey wheel. The material is black plastic.

The 2017 version appears in light green and orange color. There is alphabet characters spelled TAXI on the Black plane and the side’s checker. They both have dark grey interior with black/gold wheels and black/yellow wheels.

It will be great if you have the both versions of Hot Wheels Time Attaxi.