Hot wheels Sto and Go are one of favorite car toys. In fact, this version is looking for by collectors as well as for the Hot Wheel fans. Let’s talk a little bit about the detail of this version and why it is great to collect.

The Interesting Parts of Hot Wheels Sto and Go

What you need to know that Hot Wheels Sto and Go is considered as a classic version of Hot Wheel set. This is the reason why if you play this version today it looks like a Hot Wheel set with retro style. It has various types of features which make it interesting and fun to play. One of the interesting features is the rooms. The rooms are used to bring the Hot Wheel cars easily. It is also easy to store although the set consist of a lot of parts. The color and decorative items can be various and it depends on where you buy it and the supply at the store. This version will be great for 3 years old children. Furthermore, Hot Wheel collectors might want to have it to and complete their collection.

Steps to Create City of Hot Wheels Sto and Go

The best way to play Hot Wheels Sto and Go is by using your imagination. You can ask your children to prepare a huge track or a city of Hot Wheels Sto and Go. You may buy additional parts and most of them are sold separately. Then, you can also prepare a butcher paper. Just put the butcher paper on the flat surface. The creative and the fun part begin now! Just draw some tracks on the paper while managing the parts of Hot Wheels. You can let your children coloring the pictures on the paper. You can draw a road, terrains, or any kind of structures using marker. When everything is ready, let your children put their Hot Wheels cars there. They are ready to play based on their imagination. Just imagine how fun and happy your children are when they have a huge Hot Wheel track.  

Items to Create City of Hot Wheels Sto and Go

Due to the plan above, you need to prepare several important items. Definitely, you should prepare the Hot Wheels Sto and Go. Moreover, you also need to prepare specific items such as a butcher paper. To draw the images on the paper you need to use markers. To make it more interesting, just use crayon and coloring it. If your children have different type of orange toys which might be suitable with the plan, let them use it. In the end,Hot Wheels Sto and Go can be a good toy to develop children’s imagination, right?

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