Hot wheel games are one of interesting Hot Wheel products. Nowadays, children can play with their favorite cars virtually. Before playing those great car games online, you should know the list of recommended Hot Wheel games.

Hot Wheel Race Car Rush

Let your children feel driving one of their favorite Hot Wheel cars by playing Hot Wheel Race Car Rush. Just imagine that the player has to drive the car passing through the city, desert, and even snow. It is not only about driving the car to those terrains but also about how to pass the obstacles on each terrain. Plus, you have to fight against other cars to get coins and power up as much as you can. It is important to get coins as much as you can because you can use it for upgrading and unlock races and cars. It will be fun if you can upgrade your car or drive a new car on the new places.

Boost Blaster

It is a little bit different game than race car rush. In Boost Blaster, you don’t drive a super fast car. Instead, you are driving one of Hot Wheel cars without speed at all. This is the interesting part. Your job is to drive the car to get speed boost to blast your car. While finding and getting the speed boosts, you also need to control the car to avoid hazards. If you can’t do it well, it means you lose and you have to start the game from the beginning. Just try to drive and control the car safely until the finish line to continue to the next race.

Double Loop Dare

As one of recommended Hot Wheel games, the challenge is on the track. It beats your controlling skill to drive your favorite car to finish the double loop track. It is a great game because you should drive a Hot Wheel car on an extraordinary track.

World Record Smash

World Record Smash is also different in which you are using one of Hot Wheel trucks. Then, you have to set the 3 meters and you are ready to launch your truck to the loop. It looks simple and fun to play.

There are hundreds of Hot Wheel games available and you can let your children play some of them including those games above. It is free to play and you just need to spend money if you want to buy specific items and it is optional.  

Hot Wheel Games for any Console

if you confused about what you must to bought, you can check Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver, on there , you can adjust with game console you have right now. So, from those Hot Wheel games above, which one of them might be the favorite game of your beloved children?

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