With Hot Wheels Scanner, you can play Hot Wheels video game using your toy car model. Years ago, you can only play this toy offline. Having a hot wheels race with your friends is fun. But, playing the video game will give you different experience. If you want to feel this new experience, you must scan your hot wheels QR code first. You can find this code on the box of your die-cast toy car.

Why you must play Hot Wheels video game

Some of you may think that playing Hot Wheels video game is not fun. You may prefer to have a real Hot Wheels race with your friends. It is true that the real race and the video game is not the same. But, it doesn’t mean that the Hot Wheels racing video game is less exciting. If you are a truly Hot Wheels lover, you must try this game. Here are some of the reasons why you must play it.

  • You don’t need to purchase various Hot Wheels tracks.

When you have the real race with your friends, you will need to purchase a Hot Wheels track. And playing on the same race track can be boring. If you are short on budget for purchasing new tracks, playing the video game version can an excellent alternative. In this game, you can have numerous choices of circuits in different categories. Therefore, you can enjoy different Hot Wheels races every time you play the game.

  • You can play it anytime and anywhere.

Hot Wheels video game can be played on your Smartphone. As a result, you can play it anytime and anywhere with convenience. You don’t need to bring the toy car and the track to play the game at school, work place, or other places.

  • Hot Wheels video game has great UI and features

This car racing video game is fun to play because it is easy to use and has great features. As a result, you can have enjoyable experience in playing Hot Wheels.


More about Hot Wheels video game

There are several Hot Wheels video games that are available on the app store. Different games offer you with different playing experience. Before you install one of them, you must remember to read the reviews first. It helps you to find out what to expect from each of those games. Therefore, you can get excellent Hot Wheels racing experience when playing the video game. In some video game, you don’t need scan your die-cast toy car using the Hot Wheels Scanner.