The Detail of Gran Turismo Series in Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Edition

If you think that Hot Wheels is a simple toy, you are wrong. Hot Wheels can be said to be one of the collectible items. Moreover, the value of this “toy” can be really high, if you have the rare type or series that hasn’t been produced anymore today, or it was produced for special occasion or event. One of the coolest series from our point of view is the Retro Entertainment series. Hot Wheels launches many different groups of the car in this series. But, our favorite is the hot wheels gran turismo retro entertainment type.

Just like its name, these series uses the collection of the car from Gran Turismo game as the base. Actually, the Gran Turismo series is one of the models of retro entertainment series that Hot Wheels launched in 2016. This one is the Mix C model, where you can get 5 types of Gran Turismo cars. They are Ford GT, Corvette C7.R, Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT, Lamborghini Veneno, and 2009 Nissan GT-R.

As you can see, they are all cool cars. Unfortunately, there is only one color choice, for each car, here they are:

–       Ford GT – Satin Black,

–       Corvette C7.R – Metalflake Dark Red,

–       Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT – Metalflake Silver,

–       Lamborghini Veneno – Pearl Yellow,

–       2009 Nissan GT-R – Black.

Hot Wheels gran turismo 2009 nissan gtr

Hot Wheels gran turismo 2009 nissan gtr

Although you can’t choose other colors, we can say that these are the best color choice for these car models. All of them are looking great on that color. Moreover, the painting job is also perfectly done. It is covered all the car model body perfectly. It also feels good, when you touch the surface. It’s very smooth, like the painting job on the real car.

Moreover, the Mix C series also come with special wheel type. Here are the wheel types you can get for this series:

–       Ford GT – Goodyear Eagle Chrome & Black D7RR,

–       Corvette C7.R – Chrome & Black RR10SP,

–       Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT – Chrome & Black MCRR,

–       Lamborghini Veneno – Gold & Black MCRR,

–       2009 Nissan GT-R – Chrome & Black RR6SP.

Hot Wheels Corvette C7 R Gran Turismo

Hot Wheels Corvette C7 R Gran Turismo

Each type of wheels perfectly fit for each model. Therefore, it’s not quite disappointing, even though we can’t get other variation for this part. It looks great on each of this series. Moreover, we talk about the similarity with the Gran Turismo car. Therefore, the small detail like this is important, in order to keep the realness of this special toy car

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