Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels Ford Transit Connect

Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels the Ford Transit Connect is a series of HW City Works. This product is a black van with a unique design. The body gets pizza slice with Pizza Express. The production symbol is at the bottom and the Hot Wheels logo is clearly marked on the body of the car. The car window is yellow and emits a cool pizza delivery car. All interior is red.

There is a black plastic base with Malaysia and bright red fins. The back door is also red. Open-Hole 5-Spoke wheels will amaze you because this wheel has a red rim with a black center. This vehicle belongs to the N category and is in the 2017 series. There are special vehicles that sell for $ 50,000 for charity. The debut of this vehicle starts in 2014.On 2017 have 15 pcs of Treasure Hunt 

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