For almost five decades, Hot Wheels has been becoming the favorite toy products for both children and adults. There are plenty of vehicles being distributed all over the world. Even now, the demand on the toy is still high. What makes it so popular, even the collectors willingly hunt for the Hot Wheels full set series to complete their collections?

Hot Wheels Full Set Series Why Is It so Popular?

Since 1968, Hot Wheels has been well known as a label that can keep its local fans due to its attention to detail, and its cars’ speed that can reach up to 300 mph. How can it happen? The answer is because all of the cars were designed by an engineer who was also capable in designing missiles. Therefore, it is not surprising if there are many collectors, from children to adults, who want to collect all of the Hot Wheels full set series.

Types of Hot Wheels Cars

There is no a certain guide of what you can collect from Hot Wheels products. However, there are some Hot Wheels toy categories that can be collected based on its series or types. Some of them can be found in the following list:

1. Treasure Hunts (T-Hunt)

Treasure hunt was firstly introduced by Mattel in 1995. There are twelve types of cars produced each year, which are released every month. Initially, there were only ten thousand pieces of cars being produced each year, and now, the quantity is significant increases due to the customers’ high demand. Until 2007, there were more than 150 series being released to public.


2. Hot Wheels Classics and Hot Wheels Cool Classics

The Hot Wheels Classics are the Hot Wheels series, which focuses more on the classic-categorized vehicles being modified on the colors and models. It was firstly released in 2013, and was intentionally produced for the adult collectors. Each vehicle has Logan as its base, spectra frost color and exclusive Retro-Slot wheels.

Hot Wheels Y9423 Hot Wheels® Cool Classics Car Assortment

3. Sizzlers

Sizzlers are the series which was released in 1970, coming with a built-in motor and a small re-charged battery. The cars can be only used to race on a certain track. Therefore, in order to facilitate the customers with a proper track of their vehicles, Mattel specially produced U-turn, multi-level spiral race tracks and loop which can be used to accommodate the race using this series of cars.

Hot Wheels Sizzlers Power Pit with 1970 Mustang

4. Hot Wheels Boulevard.

It is the series that focuses on highlighting the legendary cars which have special meaning in the world of automotive. It was officially introduced in 2012 in three different categories: Show Rods, Legend, and Concept Car.

Hot Wheels Boulevard Die-Cast Vehicles, Set of 30 Collector Edition

5. Hot Wheels Hollywood & Hot Wheels Toon

Hot Wheels Hollywood is the series of Hot Wheels which includes all of the famous cars that ever appeared in some popular movies, television series, or pop culture. The examples are the cars ridden by James Bond, or those which appeared in Ghostbuster, Fast and Furious, Need for Speed, etc. Similar to the Hot Wheels Hollywood, the hottest Wheel Toon Series has some cars appearing in the famous cartoon movies or series (e.g.: K.I.T.T. Knight Rider, The Flinstone, Popeye, Scooby Doo, etc.) included.

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