Due to the popularity of Hot Wheels, this toy has been developed into a great industry. Nowadays, people are not only able to play the real Hot Wheels toy cars but they can also play a virtual Hot Wheels game. Moreover, your children can also enjoy the movie entitled Hot Wheels World Race. Let’s discuss it more below.

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Hot Wheels Game

Race Car Rush is a popular game where you or your children can play it from the PC or computer. In this Hot Wheels game, you are able to pick one of cool Hot Wheels cars to compete in a car race. You have to drive the car in a variety of areas such as a city, snowy area, desert, and many more. Besides driving the car to be the fastest, you also need to achieve coins and power-up to increase the speed of the car as well as to unlocked categories. Just imagine if you are driving your favorite Hot Wheels car and beat all the opponents. That’s will be fun, right?

Hot Wheels Movie

Besides playing the real toy cars and virtual game, you can ask your children to watch the movie entitled Hot Wheels World Race. This movie was published in 2003 and inspired by the television series entitled Hot Wheels: Highway 35 – World Race. There were 5 different episodes which are the Ring of Fire, the Greatest Challenge, Desert Heat, Frozen Fire, and Wheel of Power. The movie is about a scientist namely Peter Tezla who developed a world-class race. Due to the track, a lot of racers are interested to join the competition. Tezla gave them vehicles and those vehicles are found in Hot Wheels toy cars.

Hot Wheels Toy Car

Indeed, you can also find the list of the cars included in the movie and game in the toy car series. Mattel creates a specific Hot Wheels series entitled Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race. There are 36 toy cars in a set and it is a limited edition. Mattel only sold not more than 1.000 pieces. The cars are including Deora II, Power Pipes, Chrysler Thunderbolt, Corvette Stingray, Backdraft, and ’55 Nomad.

So, which one of the game from Hot Wheels you want to know? As a Hot Wheels fan, it seems that you want to know all of the Hot Wheels World Race versions, right? It will be great if you play the Hot Wheels virtual game or toy cars with your friends or children while watching the movie.