The rarest Hot Wheels cars are hunted by many collectors of these 1:64 scale cars. Hot Wheels is officially introduced in 1968. Since then, more than thirty people have become the customers of the products. A nowadays, the collectors’ attention is completely given to the top three die-cast diamonds, which can cost up to thousands of dollars, either with or without packages.


Being manufactured by Mattel, all of the Hot Wheels cars are highly collectible. The first product of this manufacturer is the impressive “Sweet 16”, being equipped with the red–rimmed tires. Due to the Hot Wheels’ dedication in producing modern and edgy designs of the mini cars, it successfully gains more than just a few fans and collectors.

Top Three Rarest Hot Wheels

Now, it is very hard for the collectors to find rare Hot Wheels cars. Bellow are the lists of the top three rarest Hot Wheels cars seek by many collectors.

1. Camaro

The 1968 enamel white Camaro is considered as the third rarest Hot Wheels car which also becomes one of the many-treasured toys. It has red lines which are painted along its tires’ sidewalls, that is why it is included in the “Red Line” series. Actually, the enamel white model is a prototype car which costs around five thousand dollars in the package, and almost two dollars without a package.

2. Cheetah

The second seat of the rarest Hot Wheels cars is occupied by the 1968 Cheetah. It was specially designed by Bill Cushenberry and this dream design was actually based on the previously created car in 1961 which had a similar look to the 1968 Cheetah. What makes this Red and Hong Kong manufactured car rare is because of the executive Bill Thomas and Mattel’s tassel. The original 1968 Cheetah costs more or less ten thousand dollars loose.

3. Pink VW Bus

Finally, the rarest, most wanted, and probably the cutest hot wheels car are of course the 1969 pink Beach Bomb VW Bus. This mini car has the surfboard attached in the rear windows. It is quite unique and different from the other models usually get the surfboards installed on a side pod. However, its launch was too narrow with the unveil of the Super Charger track at that moment. This sort of condition was completely realized by Mattel. Therefore, the creation of the side pot alteration is decided. Mattel only makes a single pink and rear-loading produce. You can find it in the Petersen Automotive Museum, which is located in Los Angeles. However, if you plan to have it, you can purchase the car with you one hundred thousand dollars or even more. By been offered that much, the owner is expected to hand the rare car to the new, lucky owner.


Beach Bomb VW Bus

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